From the day she sees her mother’s wedding photos, every little girl dreams of having the perfect wedding. For me, I always knew it would be a tall order. I’m a very particular person, and a very visual person as well, which makes me SUPER hard to please (Tom and my mom will corroborate this statement). Im type A to a T, and an intense Virgo. I get my heart set on something I see in my head and it’s hard for me to accept anything else.

Lisa, you were a dream to work with. Perhaps it is because this is what you were made to do. I knew exactly what I wanted my wedding to look like. I knew every detail. But the wedding you pulled together was far beyond anything i could have imagined. Every detail was a million times better and more beautiful than what I could have hoped for. The evening was a dream, and what I pictured doesn’t hold a candle to what you created.

And as if it couldn’t have been more perfect, what really made the evening for me was that I didn’t have to worry about a thing. You made sure everything happened as it needed to, and you put Tom and I exactly where we needed to be so we could spend the maximum amount of time enjoying out evening. I love seeing you sitting outside the tent with Debbie, fanning yourself and watching over the whole event like my fairy godmother 🙂

People have been bombarding me with thank you’s and compliments, saying it was the best wedding they have ever been to. My mom said something to me on the way to the airport this morning and it really hit the nail on the head. No one needed to tell us that we (ie you!) threw the best wedding they had ever been to, there’s no real reason to say that to a newly married couple when there are lots of other congratulatory things to say. But countless people have said that to us since last Saturday so I know it must be true. And even if it isn’t for them it is for me. So thank you from the bottom of my heart. My wedding was a tall order and you delivered beyond expectation. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!!!!! I can’t imagine a more perfect evening or year of planning! You crushed it! You killed it! You destroyed it! I think I will be floating on a cloud well into our first anniversary.

And ps I plan on copy/pasting this to yelp very, very soon. I can’t keep you a secret. You honored us with your dedication and attention to detail. You have no idea how thankful I am to have had you ❤️

Jackie Kropp, San Francisco,CA – September 6, 2015

Aloha Lisa,

I just wanted to say, on behalf of all of us I believe, that we were 100% thrilled with everything about the wedding on Saturday.  As you might imagine, we got tons compliments that night, and all day yesterday – and probably for weeks and months to come.  But those compliments are all for you!  We couldn’t possibly be happier about the whole thing.  And we’ve been singing your praises constantly.  You did an incredible job for us.  We are so grateful, and feel like we were so blessed to have you watching out for us.  It was a flawless day, for a beautiful couple, delivered with utter calm and confidence!  Thank you.

With complete gratitude, aloha and best regards
Jane Abramo, mother of the bride, Hanalei, Hawaii – Sept 6, 2015

Biggest Thank you EVER You know you are amazing, right?
Lindi Nelson and Deby Flagg Bigfork, Montana – October 10 2015

Lisa, there are really no words to say how blessed we feel to have found you along our wedding planning journey. We are truly thankful for everything you did to help us create the wedding of our dreams! Our time in Kauai, with all our friends and family, is an experience we will never forget. Thank you for bringing together such an outstanding team of vendors and orchestrating a stress free and magical wedding for us. We will cherish those memories forever. Mahalo for sharing the beauty of your island with us. 

With Aloha, Rachael and Ash Okada, Burlingame, California – March 14, 2015

We still marvel at our amazing Kauai wedding experience.  Throughout our wedding planning, Lisa exuded compassion, tranquility and professionalism.  She seamlessly orchestrated and brought our vision to life beautifully and within our budget.  There wasn’t anything she wasn’t willing to take on wholeheartedly, even the most challenging requests.  Our ceremony and reception locations were one of kind and words can’t describe the soulfulness and beauty they emanated.  Not only did she plan our unforgettable wedding, but she was a great resource for island activities and delicious local food as well. Our expectations were exceeded in every way and we are forever grateful to Lisa for sharing her stunning talent and passion with us.

Kricket and Justin Moles – June 8, 2014

Lisa, I hardly know where to start. The words seem small but have so much meaning when I say them; “thank you”. You listened to my dreams and turned them into an amazing reality. You orchestrated a perfect day without a glitch. You brought together the very best and everything about my wedding day will be etched in my mind forever. Your perfect calm, the gorgeous flowers, the chef was beyond anything I could have imagined, Manulele, our minister, – such an awe-inspiring person…aloha has a whole new meaning in my life. Your serivce Lisa – impeccable and delivered with grace. Much aloha to you!

Keith and Janice Robbins, Windsor, CA – October 19, 2012

If you are looking for the most beautiful place on earth to get married, and someone to turn your dreams into reality, look no further than Kauai, Hawaii and Lisa Insalata! Any anxiety I had in planning a long-distance wedding was laid to rest during my initial phone call with Lisa. Her calm manner and determination to have our wedding reflect our personalities truly made the process a delight. Her goal is to make your wedding the happiest day of your life – and she succeeded! She took the time to figure out exactly what we were looking for, and went above and beyond to exceed our expectations. She literally took the images from my mind and transformed a gorgeous beachfront property into a magical and enchantment paradise that none of us will ever forget!

Lisa is very well connected and respected in Kauai, and provided us with the best vendors we’ve ever dealt with. Her task with us was not an easy one, as she brilliantly planned a welcome party and our rehearsal dinner in addition to the entire wedding for 35 guests! Our Pastor, musicians and caterers were beyond compare, and the florist turned an already stunning setting into a dream! Finally, her hair stylists, make-up artists and photographer made us look and feel amazing throughout the entire week!

While Eric and I are now happily married, there’s a part of me that wishes the wedding was still coming up because I really miss talking to Lisa on a regular basis! She is truly a diamond in the rough, and you will feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with her…and call her a friend!

Mahola Lisa!
Eric & Carrie Carlson, Mequon, WI – 10/11/12

We are an Italian couple and Lisa accepted us very well when we arrived on Kauai. She became our guide of the island and our landmark. She helped us with the documents for the wedding that are different for foreigners. She was very kind and indispensable and she immediately answered all our questions and she completely met our european gust and she perfectly organized everything necessary for our wedding. Finally we can say that Lisa Insalata is a very competent person and overall she is a very correct person either on the preparations and the economics. We strongly recommend her to all couples asking for an experienced wedding planner.

Alberto and Federica Lamperti, Lake Iseo, Italy – July 30, 2012

Lisa, We can’t thank you enough for how wonderful the wedding came together. Nearly every guest, and including the children, said ours was the best wedding they’d ever been too. From the caterer, the expert lighting, tahitian dancing and fireknife entertainment, “larger than life” movie, and beach bonfire, it was all perfect! Your help, knowledge and good nature made our wedding something we’ll always remember. Thank you and Fred very much!!

Glenn & Alysson Nurmi, Singapore – July 27, 2012

Lisa, Lisa, Lisa Thank you so are amazing and the work you do is flawless! You made our day awesome and one we will never forget..without even meeting you we had complete faith in you and then we got to see it all come together..WOW! Everything far exceeded our expectaations and we feel truly blessed! Thank you! The photographer you set us up with was Top Shelf..he was awesome and the experience was amazing, we can’t wait for the photos to come in! And the hair stylist was so sweet,she was only scheduled to do mine and my daughter’s hair but she banged out all of our hair and mine and my daughters make-up as well all with time to spare..she rocked! The chef was awesome as well, the food was delicious. And thank you so much for the dance you gave us, you were beautiful and it was a beautiful thing to watch, that meant a lot..mahalo from the bottom of our hearts. When we are in Hawai’i again we would love to meet up with you.

Shawn and Robert Leiskau, Spring, Texas – July 19, 2012

We recently got married on the island of Kauai, Hawaii. I wasn’t sure how I was going to plan everything, and didn’t know where to start searching for a wedding planner. Just selecting one from lists on the internet wasn’t for me. I wanted someone’s personal recommendaton, so I asked the resort when we were booking our stay for ourselves and our family. They recommended Lisa Insalata, and I just want to share that using her was the best decision we could have made. When I contacted her to get some information she spent an enormous amount of time talking with me and answering any questions I could think to ask. I felt so comfortable with her right from that first phone conversation. She made me feel that no question was insignificant, and said she wanted to make this the happiest day of my life.

Throughout the whole planning experience, there was never a time when we weren’t treated with a loving and gentle kindness. I appreciated the fact that she returned any calls made to her as quickly as possible. From the recommendations she gave us for a minister, photographer, musician, venue, hair and make-up, flowers, and dinner parties, Lisa never failed to give us her best. Everything went so smoothly, and everyone she put us in contact with were very professional and gave more than we could have expected. By the time the day of the ceremony rolled around, Lisa felt like family. She made certain that everything and everyone was in place, right down to providing a kleenex to wipe my husband’s brow so he wouldn’t have beads of perspiration in his photographs. At dinner we all felt the warmth that usually only comes from being guests in someone’s home.

Lisa was also responsible for getting us the finest suite at our resort, a corner unit with a view of the ocean on the one side and the mountains on the other. She went above and beyond by giving us suggestions for activities while on the island, and assisted in the scheduling of them. Lisa is someone who came alongside and took most all of the work and concern off our shoulders during a time that can be stressful. This was a time when we needed someone who was professional, caring, passionate about her job, and who would give us her best during this most important and joyful occasion. My husband and I know that Lisa was meant to be our wedding planner all along, otherwise things wouldn’t have gone so perfectly.

Nancy and William Helman, Rochester, Ohio – May 17, 2012

Dearest Lisa, Jim and I just wanted to say a BIG “Mahalo” to you for all you did to make our wedding perfect on March 14, 2012! You are a jewel, a one of a kind and we could not of had a more perfect wedding. Your time, ideas, willingness to go the extra mile and caring about what we wanted made it so very special, as special as you are! Again, Jim and I thank you so very much for all you did!

Becky and Jim Courtney, Dallas, Texas – March 20, 2012

Our Best Man, Steve Love recommended Lisa to us. We gave Lisa less than two months to plan our wedding and from the first phone call we knew we were dealing with an empathetic and thorough professional. After listening to our wishes what she proposed made our final decision making so easy. From the hotel booking, to the setting, to the florist, to the photographer, to the Celebrant, to the musician and to the reception, Lisa made simply outstanding choices. Her follow through and attention to detail until our wedding day removed any possible fears of snafus. From the moment we arrived at the hotel for the big occasion, she was still working feverishly double checking and making sure everything would be accomplished according to the plan. She had it all under control.

In many ways Lisa represents what makes Hawaii one of the most romantic islands on earth. Her sweet “Aloha” spirit prevailed throughout the two month process and our special day was everything and more we could ever have ever wished for. We owe her a debt of gratitude for all she did. We are sure she even had a hand in the weather because Hanalei Bay turned on such a beautiful day for the most important occasion in our lives. Thank you, again, Lisa.

Jules and Amy Keeling, Brentwood, California – January 23, 2012

Oh, where to begin! Our Hawaiian wedding was nothing short of an adventure, and our experience working with Lisa has been nothing short of amazing. With sixth months to work in, Lisa started planning our wedding on a short timeline and BIG dreams.

Planning a wedding from afar could be stressful or blissful, depending on how you look at it. I consider myself a very organized person and always told myself I could plan a wedding on my own. Ask my husband: he was trying to pinch every penny possible! But we can both say that working with Lisa was the best decision we ever could have made — unequivocally. While we had more than just a few obstacles to overcome, we were able to trust in Lisa from the very start. She’s one of the few genuine, loving, and caring souls with whom you become the best of friends in seconds flat.From flowers on a budget, to a lost wedding dress en route to the island (courtesy of USPS), in every situation, Lisa took a proactive approach, found a timely solution, and more than exceeded any expectations we could have ever set.

Lisa carried our love and represented us on the island, working with others, making decisions, and giving attention to all the details in crafting our special day.Different as we are, my husband and I decided to have wedding pie in lieu of wedding cake. Lisa, as always, had an answer: she recommended a wonderful place that made gorgeous deep dish pies for the wedding. For our flowers and table decor, Lisa found a florist who created centerpieces using not only flowers but incorporated fruits and vegetables in our color palette. The result was simply stunning. I didn’t expect to have exactly what I had imagined in my mind, but Lisa was able to listen to my wants and needs, communicate these ideas to others, and deliver a miraculous result.Lisa’s many talents go further: When it came time for the wedding, my husband decided he wanted a lei after all.

Lucky for us, Lisa is a woman of many talents and she made a lovely traditional green lei for my husband, our musician, and our Officiant. Needless to say, all the men looked great!We feel that our dreams and really put Lisa to the test, yet she worked her magic in more ways than one. We hope that Lisa will continue to be a part of our lives for a long time as she brought our dream wedding to life. Oh, and when it came to the day I asked my husband to join me for the rest of our lives — I was wearing my dress 😉 and the day was perfect in every way.Aloha nui loa!

Amy and Will Thorn, Santa Rosa, California – January 16, 2012

If you don’t live in Kauai and need a “lifeline” when planning your wedding, Lisa is it. She will talk to you endlessly about all the details of your wedding and she has a knack for figuring out what you really want for your big day. No matter what your vision is, she has the perfect vendor or venue available to you, and she personally goes the extra mile with her Hawaiian hospitality. I could not have planned my wedding from Boise Idaho in the little time I had without Lisa’s expertise. Thanks so much Lisa!

Tracy Kirtland, Boise, Idaho – December 3, 2011

From the minute I met Lisa I knew we were in good hands. Her calm and approachable manner soothed my nerves whenever I became anxious, and she was totally there for me throughout the planning process. She even drove me to the seamstress for a last minute alteration! My Kauai wedding was more beautiful, more heartfelt, and easier than I could have ever imagined! Thank you Lisa, we are so grateful that you took care of all the details for us, promptly and with a smile. I’m recommending you to all my friends!

Natalie Ward, Redington Shores, Florida – November 15, 2011

Lisa is right there when you need her . . . she performs under tight deadlines and to the highest standards with extraordinary grace and professionalism. Your biggest hopes and littlest frustrations are her concerns. Our wedding day was fabulous, and there is no doubt in our minds that Lisa’s attention to the overall flow ensured that our guests had a wonderful time. . . . Lisa has the experience to pull off a terrific event, but it’s her personable nature & clear communication that make the process more fun and the end result – your wedding – a true reflection of your love!

Kendra Penhallegon, Palo Alto, CA – September 10, 2010

We were referred to Lisa about a year before our wedding and she worked diligently with us for the entire year leading up to the big day. Lisa had great ideas and visions and incredible input about what work would work best on the island, taking into consideration the weather, the types of flowers that would be in season, etc. She also had great connections around the island to get us set up with the perfect vendors for everything that we needed and on some occasions got us some fabulous deals.

The actual day of the wedding was stress free, my husband and I were able to enjoy the morning, getting ready and hanging out with family and friends and did not have to stress about things being set up and decorated. Lisa made everything come to life. The cocktail area and reception tent were blank canvases with no help or input from us, her and her team made it all look better than I ever could have envisioned. It really was the perfect day and it could have not been possible without all of the hard work from Lisa and her team. Thanks again for everything and making our wedding perfect for us!

Rachael Halverson, Pleasanton, CA – June 17, 2010

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