Congratulations, you have just discovered the most romantic place to start your new life together. 
Romance wasn’t invented on Kauai, but it may as well have been.

With its breathtaking beauty and quiet majesty, Kauai is the ideal place for a destination wedding. Understanding that this is a once in a lifetime celebration, I devote my full attention to it, collaborate with vendors at the top of their game, and work diligently to create a stylish and soulful event that will make your heart sing.

Prepare yourself, and your guests for a journey to be savored……a delight to all your senses.

“Along with my family’s legacy, I bring my love for weddings as well as my love for this island to the art of creating the most meaningful celebration possible. As your Kauai Wedding Planner, I can help weave your visions, family stories and traditions with Kauai’s incomparable elements into a never- to-be-forgotten event that blesses your partnership forever.”

-Lisa Insalata

MEMBER – Kauai Wedding Professional Association