About Lisa

Aloha and welina mai nei. Welcome to our island home. At Lisa Insalata Weddings, it is an honor to provide you and your loved ones outstanding service in the creation and management of this milestone celebration…your Kauai wedding.

While pursuing my culinary interests, I cultivated my talents as an event planner for a highly acclaimed San Francisco Bay Area restaurant and catering company. This gave me the opportunity to hone my skills, everything from floral design, planning a sublime menu, selecting captivating music, and the subtle art of gracious hosting.

Hospitality is a cherished aspect of Hawaiian culture as well as in my own family’s traditions. Raised in a large Italian family of feastmakers, lavish celebrations and sumptuous cuisine were commonplace, and the “aloha spirit” our way of life.

Kauai has captured my heart as it will yours. Living and working here is a lifelong dream fulfilled, and I’ve coordinated weddings since 2002. In addition, I have immersed myself in the culture of Hawaii and maintain strong connections with the hula and musical community. I would love to share my experience and knowledge with you and plan your wedding or vow renewal on this island of unsurpassed beauty. From classical Hawaiian entertainment to the excitement of Tahitian drumming and fire knife dancing or the ceremonial call of the conch shell, there are many possibilities to consider.

I love everything about weddings: the never-ending details, the gathering of all those you hold dear, the light in my clients’ faces when they see their vision come to life. The smiles, laughter, and tears of joy. I warmly invite you to consider me to be your personal advocate in orchestrating the next chapter of your own unique love story, your Kauai wedding.

What Makes Us Different…

At Lisa Insalata Weddings, we provide a luxury service to every single client, and are available to our clients whenever they need our help.

Upon your arrival to Kauai, all our couples are greeted with a tropical Hawaiian lei and basket full of fresh, organic Kauai grown fruit.

We share the love and joy of your wedding (we get excited too!) with you, and fall in love with our clients. But not in an oddball way. We are just so honored to be a part of your celebration that you can’t help notice how passionate we are about each and every wedding we stage. We are hopeless romantics, fun, and utterly committed to the ethics in our industry

Lisa Insalata is your ardent advocate on your wedding day. That means the design and production of your wedding will be handled exactly according to your requests. She also has a sharp eye when it comes to rentals showing up less than clean, fingerprints on vases, uneven linens, and vendors wearing too-revealing attire.

We emphasize hospitality at all our events and provide a hostess for every event of 40 or more. Our hostesses provide a amazing service! Not only do they greet each guest upon arrival, but direct them to ceremony and reception seating, the bar, restrooms, sign in table, be on hand throughout the event, carry a wedding day survival kit and call you a cab at the end of the night if necessary!

Knock on wood: We’ve never worked with a “bridezilla!” A friend recently told me it was because I take such good care of my brides. Sure, some brides are more fussy than others, but I’ve always said, “your wedding is a day you get to have anything you want!” 

Our vendors love working with us because we are organized, gracious and make sure they get fed!

A portion of every wedding fee is donated to KORE, Kauai …….

Finally, I do not mass produce. Due to the massive amount of time we devote to our clients, we accept a limited number of weddings each year.

Lisa’s Photo by Ted Lauder